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Who We Are

We are a highly efficient team making a big impact across the area. Trusted by Landscape Architects, NYC Parks Department, NYC Housing Authority, NYC School Construction Authority, Municipalities, School Districts, Developers, Property Managers and other design professionals for over two decades. We source the best products in the industry and ensure the success of all projects so our clients can get out and play.

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Craig Heslin

Craig has lead the Site Specialists team since he founded it in 1999. His extensive experience in site work and construction led him to playground construction in 1991, which gave him a deeper meaning behind his work. Favorite form of play: His free-time is most often enjoyed with family, especially when he can tackle a home improvement project. On the move he enjoys classic cars and boating.

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Mary Ellen Meyerdierks

Mary Ellen spent ten years in the fashion industry and traveled throughout South America and Asia, then 20 years in the landscaping and home building business before landing at Site Specialists ten years ago. She loves the creative side of watching playgrounds go from conception to completion. Though diverse in application, all three of her career stages have allowed her artistic side to flourish, something for which she is very grateful. Favorite form of play: Dancing! In all it's forms.

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Rob Salzberg

Rob holds a Bachelors of Science in Recreation from the Arizona State University and a Masters of Art in Recreation Management from New York University. His previous experience includes time as a Director of Health and Recreation for a nonprofit and he has been designing and advising professionals about safe and fun play since 1988. Outside of the Site Specialists office he has also been a volunteer fireman and volunteered on various Recreation Boards. Favorite form of play: CrossFit!


Sue O'Brien

Sue has spent 25 years as the Operations Manager of a Cabinet Hardware Company before shifting gears to Operations Manager at Closets by Design. Enjoying the creation of something from a blank space into something fun, creative, beautiful, and functional is a skill easily transferred to playgrounds. Favorite form of play: Travel, especially Disney with family and friends. You can never have a bad day in Disney.

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Jeff Charles

Jeff has over 45 years of experience in the construction industry, with 27 of them specific to playgrounds. He is NPSI Certified and the Former Chairman and Founding Member of NPCAI (International Playground Contractors Association). Favorite form of play: Enjoying nature, particularly the beach, and traveling by way of motorcycle.

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Michael Hofknecht

Michael comes from a horticultural background and has over ten years experience in the play industry. He was awarded The 2018 Arnold K. Greenberg Award for his work with Variety Child Learning Center. Favorite form of play: In his downtime he enjoys gardening, listening to country music and family gatherings.